Those tires on your vehicle are designed to get you where you are to your destination safely. However, they also require regular maintenance to make sure that they get you to your destination safely. Proper tire maintenance should prolong the life of your tires, improve gas efficiency, improve driving and improve the safety factor. Here are a few tips on keeping your tires well maintained.

Tire Maintenance

Start with the basics. Keep your tires properly inflated. It is likely that over time, your tires may lose some of their inflation. Proper inflation reduces the chances of getting a flat tire and reduces wear on the treads. Tires require rotation on a regular basis. Check your owner's manual for additional information on that subject. In addition, keep an eye on your tires for bald spots or worn out treads too.

If your tires require maintenance or rotation, we will happily inspect your tires and perform the services required. Call us today at Gary Lang Buick GMC for an appointment.

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